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Development Management

Successful property development comes down to 4 factors – the ability to add value, control costs, manage risk and achieve timescales. These can only be achieved with extensive experience, skills and unrivaled tenacity.

This is where Cambridge Estates comes in. From inception right through to the successful completion, it has an established history of successful project delivery.

Unlike other property development companies your main point of contact will be Company Director John Coers, so you can be assured that the competence, experience and reputation that you sign up to is also in evidence right throughout the project.

Cambridge Estates

Core Development Management Activities managed by Cambridge Estates:

• Client Brief & Project Conception
• Site Due Diligence
• Financial Feasibility
• Risk Identification and Analysis
• Identifying and Engaging a Professional Team
• Scope of Works Development
• Project Design, Planning and Structuring
• Obtaining Resource and Building Consents
• Forming the Sales Value Team
• Providing Clear Project Direction
• Managing Contracts
• Cost Control
• Local Authority Compliance
• Health and Safety Compliance
• Project Governance and Reporting
• Project Owner Representation
• Successful Project Completion and Hand Over


Above all Cambridge Estates maintains the integrity of the development process, acting in the best interests of the client in all dealings.

Cambridge Estates

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