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Vero Centre

Location: Auckland

Completion: 2000

Role: Development Management

Vero Centre


The Vero Centre development is a landmark 40 level office building in the Auckland CBD.

The project demanded new thinking as to what a modern office environment should be. Opened in November 2000 the building, developed by Kiwi Development Trust (sister trust to Kiwi Income Property Trust), built by Fletcher Construction, and designed by an internationally capable team still holds pride of place as one of New Zealand’s highest and largest premier office building. It continues to retain its pre-eminent tenants at full rentals.

At a completion cost of $207 m. arguably it was New Zealand’s first serious office proposition “where needs of the tenants drove the ultimate design outcome – to design the building from the inside-out”.

The Development Manager John Coers was part of a highly competent and focused team that created this outstanding commercial building.

While achieving and continuing to achieve some of the highest NZ office rents, the building was and remains highly cost efficient in terms of floor space efficiency and reduced costs per person. Translated in economic terms, lessees were moving from aged premises to newly efficient space, paying the same total rent or less and having all the benefits including greater staff performance and retention. This higher density was achieved through careful design including correct floor plate dimensioning, featuring a central core producing column free space, supported with perimeter glazing.

Ample parking was accommodated in Auckland’s deepest office building excavation.

Designed to accommodate over 2,000 people the real success of the Vero Centre was the recognition to balance higher occupant densities with the creation of considerable open public and tenant break out space. This need is reflected in the outstanding success of the level 6 podium lobby which includes an all weather porte-cochere arrival area, lobby lounge with concierge and fully landscaped plaza and gymnasium.

The destination based lift control system, saving an entire lift shift and greatly improving travel times, was an Australasian first.

The European based Energy Efficiency Award reinforced the developer’s commitment to design excellence.

Minute attention to detail was applied to every aspect of the building, it’s functions, performance, components particularly in the context of fit for purpose, life expectancy, maintenance and replacement.

Given increased tenant demands, steadily growing construction costs and inevitable occupation costs, all the principles and disciplines of the Vero Centre project are even more pertinent and applicable now.

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