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Cambridge Estates Ltd is a real estate advisory company delivering focused performance within three disciplines:

Development Management >
Client Representation >
Forensic Project Recovery >

This typically includes engagement from inception to final completion and within this process the company is in the unique position of being able to provide an integrated approach to the three key drivers of real estate, being:

  • Project value enhancement;
  • Cost control and evaluation; an
  • Predetermined on time delivery

Since commencing business in 1986 Cambridge Estates Ltd and its Managing Director John Coers have been engaged in a diverse range of projects and clients. Past clients include major International and National Corporations such as Aetna Life, Trafalgar House PLC, Kiwi Income Property Trust, Property for Industry, Spark, TVNZ, Fletcher Building, Housing NZ, and various syndicated or private developments. A term in the U.K. (London) provided further perspective.

n. act of directing; instruction;
guidance; management; order;

n. a duty; a charge; an obligation
on a person in a position of trust
for another.

n. complete; entire; finished;
perfect with no part lacking.

illegitimi no carborundum
l. don’t let the bastards grind
you down.

Overall, the company’s real strength is in its ability to optimise and co-ordinate both value creation and cost control function – however it also continues to operate with simple philosophies and principles, including:

  • always acting for and in the best interests of the client;
  • conducting business responsibilities and relationships in an open, frank and fair manner;
  • identifying and leading a competent and cohesive team to ensure a timely and compliant  outcome; and
  • an ability to rationalise a highly complex process into successive but simple achievable  components.

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Past projects have given the company extensive experience in land subdivision and building development. This has led to strong and ongoing relationships with a large number of entities and experts. For clients, these relationships are critical to greatly reducing risks to projects that are inherently subject to environmental, economic and political considerations.

With project experience ranging from NZ’s highest and largest office tower, the Vero Centre in Auckland City to the highly innovative and geo-technically complex land subdivision interplex@albany Business Park on the North Shore, substantial private plan changes (Islington Park and Belfast Park, Christchurch), and a wide range of commercial, industrial and residential projects, Cambridge Estates Ltd is well placed to provide a unique and valuable skill set to your project.


“You came to us with an extremely high recommendation and outstanding credentials and you lived up to all of that. What we didn’t expect but were delighted to see was the passion you brought to the assignment. We knew you cared enormously about the outcome and that was a massive support to us...”

- Joan Withers, Chair, TVNZ

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